“Book” Review of Let’s Riot for Diet, presented guest by guest blogger @TriggerHappySJW

Let’s Riot For Diet:Celebrating a Life Underground by Cynthia Robbins (hello! Problematic alert. Sin-thia? are they (forgive me if incorrect pronouns) implying my life is sinful? Rob-bins? Is she implying that she wants to assault me in a dark alley and mug me? 


This is a trigger warning for people who actually will NEED this. If you were a friend of this person, knew him, or simply heard about him, you will be shocked and offended by this parody review. We who lived through this experience need to show the newest members in our rich and diverse family how painful this is to see how they show appreciation for prominent innovators of their own history. I wish I could ask Harvey Milk, Matthew Shepherd, or Diet Popstitute himself what their take is in this. I think they’d have varying strong opinions, but I don’t believe that they would be sobbing wrecks who felt victimized by these naive children. I know at least one of them would have worked to figure out a colorful lively solutiom that “would make everyone a star for fifteen minutes.” 

Michael Collins was better human being than I will ever be. I only met him twice. They were very brief encounters. He was very ill. But I can’t tell you how blown away I am that I not only met him in person, I got to know his incredible friends and adopted family. 

Many people in this article are also no longer with us. They should all be here today. 

 If they were here with us, I don’t think the world would be this way. Michael Collinds wouldn’t stand for it. He wouldn’t be mean ever. He’d be so –Diet. His solution would work It would be wild. It would be colorful. It woud be onstage with hot naked boys popping out of giant Easter Eggs. 


Second Trigger warning : You will very likely see confused young people mocking me for taking the time to cut and paste and slightly alter the nearly nine thousand word review of The Black Witch by Laurie Forest.<— Click the link to buy the Kindl edition. Buy it. And give copies to all your friends. No matter how terribly racist, homophobic, satanic, necrophiliac, scat porn — (oh sorry…*spoiler alert*) this book may be, it will be far more entertaining than the extraordinary manifesto Bookstore Babe wrote. I can’t wait for the sequel. 

They will forget that the writer spent almost a week crafting this and copied several thousand words from the book. I don’t. She gave a few updates on her status every day.

Third advisory: Please do not harass or “doxx” this blogger or anyone who replies all butt-hurt over this. We don’t want to give them *that* much of a taste of their own medicine. Please take this seriously. Do not harass these people in any way other than tweeting shouty-pouty stuff. No spam. No background checks or whatever else these kids have done in the name of making the world a “safer place for our community.”

Seriously. Don’t. Not only might that be construed as criminal behavior, I suspect many of these people are minors. If you threaten these kids in any serious way, I will personally testify against you if it goes to court – even if that means I get charged and found guilty for some reason or another. Of course I mean really serious – not what they think is serious. They have no idea what serious is. I am not kidding. You have been warned. (format error. This is all big font worthy)

 They are not evil. Unlike many folk on Twitter, I honestly believe they have the best of intentions. 

But they have no idea how this jackassery looks to the rest of the world. I just think they need to see this. Writing this post is mean, but it’s far less damaging to the god knows how many authors they’ve written reviews like this for. 

They will claim that I am abusing or triggering them. I’m erasing them. I’m doing all sorts of evil things. Brace yourselves. I had a guy try to tell me that his microagressions were just as painful as living through the AIDS epidemic. Once I sat in a bar –maybe the Stud? Definately Not the Hole in the Wall. A stranger 10 – 15 years older than me sat down next to me at the bar and ended up telling me that all his friends were dead. All of them. He didn’t cry. He had a ‘thousand yard stare.’ Google that, kiddies. I have no idea if he’s still alive. If he is, I’d like to hear about his experience with microagressions. 

Also this guy talked about the terrible epidemic “we” suffered. We. Maybe he was a fetus back then? Prenatal PTSD? He will say I misquoted him. He blocked and banned me, so I to rely on my own shoddy memory.


Community Rating and review 1.5 stars.

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4 – 0

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1 – 468316951


 Riot For Diet is the most dangerous, offensive, book I’ve ever read. It’s racist, homophobic, and is written with almost no sympathy for marginalized people in mind. Don’t read this book. Don’t read the sequel. And don’t read the lyrics of this song under any circumatances. It’s so horrifying that you will go into convulsions and have anxiety not even Xanax or Valium will cure. Believe me. I tried the Valium, then the Xanax, and then a few more valium. I still need to see if another Xanax might help. Maybe if I wash it down with a bottle or two of Captain Morgan’s this time? 

I want to address the supporters of this book. I understand that this is a true story about an iconic figure of LGTBQQIAAPP+ culture.  However, this book was riddled with hostile and brutal, queer phobic, insensitive, racist and triggering language that invalidates and erases the identity of the magionalized members of our delicate and fragile community. We are to believe this character deserves praise, simply because he was supposedly an iconic figure in tragic yet extrodinary point in queer history – who also committed the most vile and insensitive microagressions against nearly every marginalized group in America today. 

We are supposed to ignore and accept that this problematic, psychologically devastating hate speech in this story were actuwkly words used in the mid nineties. Using this disturbing lingo is supposed to give the reader a sense of the true experience if this short sighted, bigoted bully. I cannot believe that this author was a true member of the LGTBQQIAAPP+ community. I believe we will soon discover this “Diet” fellow is the Rachel Dolezal of the queer community. People were dying. This sadistic insensitive villian had the nerve to celebrate life — mocking those who had so little life left in the.

This book was ultimately written for white cishet men. It was written for the type of white man who considers himself to be not-queerphobic and think that they deserve recognition and praise for treating LGTXYZPDQ people like they are actually human. It holds no regard to the feelings of marginalized people, which is evident in the way that the book portrays racism, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny.

 Michael Collins is the worst protagonist I’ve ever read. He’s supposed to be a warm hearted, playful performance artist who loves the world, but he’s petty, entitled, homophobic, and racist. She was raised by her Uncle in a small village so that she could be protected from the world, but her uncle, who is supposed to be seen as a kind man, did nothing to teach Elloren anything about the racism of her people. Yet later in the book, he is cited as the reason for Elloren’s subversion. Her narrative voice is incredibly childish, yet she’s supposed to be seventeen. She acts more like a 11 year old child than an almost-grown adult.

(8000 words later)

Here’s a huge ass list of filthy language I may or may not tell you all of them. I may or may  not take things out of context so they look bad. Who knows? I’ve put the effort in  a few weeks ago, when I didn’t bother reading some book put out by that seedy fly-by-night vanity press known as Harper Teen. I can’t remeber which one it was. I wrote two or three others that day, after giving one star votes on several other books people on Twitter told me were bad. I dont know if they read them either. But if they did, I bet they suffered severe PTSD from erasure or something. 

Genuine Girls – transphobic

Gay sexuality – erasure. Only letter from huge list of letters of the rainbow mentioned. Why no sapio-sexual demi-romantic gray-sensual represtentation?(Aven Network. No joke)

Lively spirit: Really tasteless. Honestly. Lively? Spirit?. Show respect for the millions of men, women, and genderqueer indivuals. “We” lost in this terrible epidemic. I have PTSD from it, it happened only 20 years before I was born. Respect my pain!

Remains of lime green furry (stuffed) animals: triggered! Animal cruelty!

Noisy obnoxious drunk – alcoholism is serious. Also bigoted. Many drunks are quiet and polite. Don’t stereotype! 

30 naked boys – pedophelia!!!

Pussy Tourette – abilist – Pussy Tourette’s syndrome is no laughing matter. 

Popstitute – mocks margionalized sex workers with soda addiction 

Diet – fat shaming

I can’t go on. There are so many problematic dangerous passages. Give me a week or two and I’ll get every single one.

Also should mention. I believe nearly all  the major characters were white? Where are the POC characters? Why were the women barely mentioned at all.

Ok, you guys know the drill. Go to goodreads and 1 star the crap out if this! Then flag any good review so GoodReads deletes it. Just because they read and enjoyed this problematic manifeto does NOT mean they deserve to state their opinions. If they enjoyed this ey are evil. If they post asking you not to spam GoodReads moderators like that, they are censoring the truth we know.

Retweet tens of thousands of times until the entire social justice army gathers. We will make them ruw the day that “sheeple” got an entry in the dictionary and “asexuality” was shunned! 

THIS is what Twitter shaming could turn into if grow up, get elected into public office and stay this way. I don’t to live in that world! And you folk will latch on the advisory = trigger warning idea. Forget that. Listen to how Tipper Gore of the PMRC and her friends describe “problematic” music. This is you. Don’t doom us to repeat this. 

(And FFS, Tipper Gore was a parent. The kids hated her back then. They trusted their own judgement Why are the kids attacking writers who might be older than their parents like this? When you’re 40, you are going to regret having these memories of your twenties.)



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