Camp NaNoWriMo Warmup

It’s another month to celebrate daily dedication to writing! This is my first Camp experience. I had such a successful November, that I greatly looked forward to the next month hosted by the folk at NaNoWriMo. I’m going for the 50k word count again. I’ll probably move the bar as I progress, but for now it’s fine.


After many excellent critiques on Scribophile, I realized that I started my story too late in the game. I had so many issues with infodumps and characters referring to events in the past that were much more interesting than what was going on in the original story. My November piece started with my main character headed to town after a long tour across his country. This piece is the beginning of his long tour.  I’ll talk more about the piece tomorrow, and give a proper introduction. I’ll just say that I’ve written a proto first draft sketch and this is a much stronger piece than the original.  It’s not because my writing has improved, the road trip is a much more interesting introduction to the world.

This month, I’ll be answering daily questions posed by Twitter users. Follow along for fun!

Big Picture Goal: Ready for beta readers by summer.

I want this piece to be ready for beta readers by mid July. I’ll be headed for InConJunction and GenCon this summer and I hope to have my piece ready for the writing seminars. I’m hoping to swap with other writers and we can evaluate and promote each other. If you’re going to either convention or are attending some other convention this summer of Fall, let me know. If I can make it, we can meet and swap. 
This means that this camp and the next, my goals will be focused on finishing and polishing this WIP. So be prepared to hear a lot about it over the next few months.

Best of luck, everyone. I can’t wait to see what the rest of you are working on this month! 

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