My glorious return!

I’m sorry for dropping the ball at Christmas time on the blog. So many things have happened at once that I dropped several projects to accommodate for ones I felt were more pressing. I wrote this huge blog post about my current projects that was over 2k words. I’m breaking it up into small bits for folk to digest.

Apologies about Shoutouts:

I feel bad because I was very active with this and then dropped out of the blue. I believe at least one person has taken over writing Shoutouts. I’ll not post to their blog until I’m sure, but when I look at their twitter feed, it seems that they have been writing their own Shoutouts.


If this person is indeed doing this, I’m SO grateful. It’s an important project, but I don’t have time for it anymore. It was so fun, but I can’t keep up with it anymore. I love these writing and networking projects, but in order to be a writer, I have to work on my stories and articles more! Whoever you are, I LOVE YOU for doing this. 

Where have I been?


I’ve been revising and rewriting like crazy. I’ve written and scheduled the post about it. But my writing projects have gone full gear and I am horrible with time management, so I put everything into story revision and dropped everything else. First drafts were easy for me. I thought revision would be the same. Oh-Em-Gee no. 


So many family and friend things have been going on. My sixteen year old kitty died and I was a wreck over it more than my other pets. Politics have riled up relationships family and friends. I’ve been reunited with many people from my past and it’s been so fun building a new grownup friendship with these people.


I’ve been very politically active these days. I’ve never really been active, so this is a new world for me and extra responsibility.
Twenty years ago, I was involved with ACT UP, *but was NOT an active member. I’m ashamed to mention any involvement at all, because I was so lazy about it. I’d also say it would be politically charged and partisan if it started up today, but at the time, it seemed less so. Friends and family were dying and we wanted it to stop. These days, choosing where to by yarn or fast food is a political issue. Everything is. 
Things are so much more partisan. Now any involvement in movements, no matter how benign, can be seen as joining the lunatic fringe. I’ve been a radical registered indifferent moderate my whole life. Now I have opinions. It’s crazy!

That’s the gist of it.

The meat of this will be coming up in the next few days. Stay tuned! And umm hi. Glad to be back.
*my link is to the Wikipedia ACT UP page instead of the official page. I was in ACT UP Golden Gate, but Was in it before it broke off from ACT UP San Francisco. Those turned into very different groups. I think ACT UP Golden Gate changed their name a few years back, but I felt odd saying I was involved in that group, because that’s not what it was called when I was in it. I haven’t followed ACT UP in years, and I didn’t want to link to a group that may have changed direction or agenda over the years. So I posted the wiki article and say I was in the Golden Gate chapter in the early to mid 90s. Whatever it is now, I’m not in it.


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