NanoHop Shoutout : Personal message. Holidays and stuff.

Welcome everyone to another NanoHop shoutout. This is so fun for me. Even if you don’t send back answers, I enjoyed your site I shared and I hope my questions made readers curious about you and they go and check you out.

The big hitter holidays are headed our way. I will be less active for the next two weeks. My daughter starts a two week vacation tomorrow afternoon. She’s six, an only child, and an extrovert. She’s not the sort to play quietly on her own for long periods of time. She expects entertainment. 

I’m jealous of my parents on this front. I was like house cat at my daughter’s age. If you gave me a stack of paper and crayons, and tossed me food every few hours, you could leave me be all day. I was also a good outdoor cat. You could toss me out in the morning and I’d only come home for food and litter box breaks. I love my daughter to bits, but I wished she took after me a bit more in this.

Anyway, when I get busy, I cut back activities to make room. I don’t pile on the work and then stress out about it. I just skip stuff than can be skipped until my schedule goes back to normal. Blogs might get skipped. The WIP never gets skipped.

Your answers:

My favorite answers come in two formats. My favorite is if you answer on your own blog or website and then tweet me the link. I also like it if you simply answer in a reply on my blog. This makes it very easy for me to make sure everyone sees your answers.

I have some requests about getting answers. Please don’t email answers. I’m bad about checking my email. It’s on my todo list for self improvement, but I miss almost everything people send me. Also, some folk have sent me emails and I had a super tough time wrangling with them on my iPad. I had to give up on one person’s answers because I couldn’t paste it as plain text. I had to save it as a PDF and then open up another app to get the text. I gave up after I found out that I couldn’t “select all” in the PDF editor.

Please don’t send me multiple links to several different sites to showcase your work. When you do that, I need to write up my own special blog post just for you. I don’t like throwing up a bunch of raw links, so I’ll feel obligated to write up a few sentences about your links and chat you up. That’s a bit more work than I feel like doing. Someday, I’d like to do more in depth posts about individual authors. But I’ll pick the authors out myself. 

Basically, the less work I have to do, the faster I will get your answers up. If posting was my only weekly responsibility, I’d write up stuff for you all day long. But when it cuts into my own draft and revision time, I’m not messing with it. 

Getting the Word out:

I’m also cutting down my work on informing folk that I’ve featured them. I will send private messages out on Twitter. If you don’t use Twitter, just follow me on my blog. For my first two Shoutouts, I chased writers down. Some of you are very difficult to contact. I know you don’t want spam, but if I’m going to have to go through a few sites to find a way to contact you, and then I have to prove I’m not a robot, you’re not getting a message from me! I always flunk the “I am not a robot” test. Always. 

I’m not trying to force people into using Twitter. I’m not punishing people who don’t. I’ll still post questions for you. You’ll just have to figure out your own way to find out. Even if you never know I wrote you up, it was still more than worth the time to post about you. I hope you got a few new friends and followers. That’s the point of the Shoutouts.

If most of you have private messages, I don’t mind sending a few public alerts for people who don’t have private message options on Twitter. If several of you don’t have private messages turned on, I’d rather not spam my followers with alerts. I write up each alert individually. It’s easier that way, believe it or not. I hate getting spam on Twitter, so I won’t put any spam out. If you don’t have messages turned on, I can’t promise that you’ll get an alert if I wrote you up.


Another thanks to you!

I hope you know that if I didn’t love reading your sites and asking you questions, I wouldn’t bother doing it. I’m a type B or C personality. I am more than a bit on the lazy side of life. I post these because I read your profiles on an almost daily basis for my own enjoyment. I write down things I find interesting about people because I like collecting little shiny bits of people’s personalities. I’m a magpie that way. 
I was having trouble coming up with good blog post ideas, and while I was reading up some NanoHop profiles and asking myself questions, it dawned on me that people might like to know I spent time to read their profile enough to get curious about their lives. 
So I thank you guys. Thanks for writing up entertaining bios, unusual posts or fascinating pics. Thanks for being interesting.


  1. Hi- random question. Do you have a free blog, or do you pay a fee? I want to improve the functionality and appearance of my blog, but can’t work out if I can do it on the free format, or if I need to pay for the more extensive packages. I watched a few videos on youtube, but none of them seem to make this distinction clear. So I thought I’d message a few people whose blogs I like the look of and see how you’ve done it. If you could just get back to me and advise me if you can develop blogs with the free package, or whether you’d advise to sign up to a paid one that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!


    1. I have a free blog right now. You have to pay a fee for the server and the registered domain name. I am not ready to make that monetary commitment yet.

      I will switch over at some point, but I’ve seen many writers and other small business owners throw their money away by investing too much too early. Some family and friends keep urging me to get more professional. I think it’s too soon.

      Once I start getting paid real cash, I’ll put money into my blog. So far I’ve been paid, but it’s only been free access to conventions and workshops. I want to see if I can sell articles or short stories to a paying market.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve actually managed to work out wordpress now to the point that I have to blog I want; or it is looking a lot more like what I imagined when I started out. I was thinking of switching over to a paid service, but my boyfriend encouraged me not to, he said that it was too early as of yet. Once I start getting more traffic I might do then, but at the moment I think I’m fine with keeping the free site. Your blog looks great; have you been published at all yet ( (I just noticed you said you are a writer..) I’m about 2/3 of the way through my book; am hoping to send off to agents in July time of this year.. fingers crossed somebody likes what I’ve written!


      2. I’m glad to hear things are going well with your blog! I’m not sure if I’m right about staying free, but I think the answer could be different depending on the purpose of the blog. If this was meant to be a portfolio on my resume, I’d go paid sooner.

        I have not currently published fiction, but I have years of experience working in the book industry. I wrote much more about this, and erased it. My experience I talked about isn’t on my blog! I am going to fix that.

        I’m very sorry I didn’t reply sooner, by the way. I got bogged down in revision and neglected my blog.


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