Pigeon House Red chapter 2 up for critique on Scribophile.

I’ve got Pigeon House Red chapter two up for critique on Scribophile. I have a premium membership there, so I put it up on my personal spotlight. This means if you add me as a favorite, or we are in the same groups on the site, you will get bonus karma on the site when you give a critique. You use the karma as payment so you can put up your own writing for critique. 

If you’re not already a member, and you’re serious about writing, I highly suggest joining Scribophile. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to find reliable people to thouroghly critique my work on a regular basis. This site puts it up for members to see. (You can set the privacy, and completely control who gets to read and critique.) The advice I’ve been given so far is very sound. 

Until the end of December, everyone who participated in NaNoWriMo gets a discount on a membership. If you win the word count, you get a bigger discount. Check out the official NaNoWriMo page for that info.

Because the site uses karma as currency, you are going to be giving quite a few critiques as well. This is a good skill for a writer to develop. My writing style improves as I critique other works. Also, critiques are a good currency in the “real world” between writers. It’s a good way to earn respect and trust from other writers. It’s also a gift you can give that costs only your time. Yo may end up becoming good enough to start trying your hand at line editing. That’s a paying gig.

Another great feature is that they allow premium members to store their works on the site, and people can give unlimited read and critiques for no karma payment. What’s good about this? It’s for beta readers. I like that I will be able to have most or all of my beta readers reading on the same format, and they can give their opinion on a uniform format that will make it much easier to sort through at the end of a read.

For Scribophile NaNoHoppers, do we already have a NanoHop group there? If not, any volunteers to start one? Then we’d all be able to get karma for our critiques. 


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