NaNoHop Shoutouts 3

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by to read some more shoutout! I have a request for everyone. Please turn on your private messages in Twitter! I find it easiest  to contact everyone on Twitter and if you don’t turn on messages, I have to tag you in public. It looks like spam if I do it more than once! Thanks!

Maybe you’re wondering how often I post these Shoutouts.As of now, I post them whenever I don’t have a post scheduled for the day. Once I get time to write reviews, I’ll do this weekly, depending if people reply with answers. 

This is a suggestion for everyone. I’m going to go through my own social media and do the same. If you have a social media link, our in a means of contact and a bio. Without contact, it’s pointless because no one will be able to let you know they saw it. They can’t interract with you. Without a bio, you don’t give anyone a reason to want to contact you. Something to think about!

Here we go with the third installment!

Twitter – Red Lagoe 

Could you tell us about your astronomy hobby? What sort of telescope do you have? What have you seen? How long have you been at it? Anything!
What is your favorite cheesy joke?
What is your favorite animal?
Describe your favorite pair of pants.

Facebook – Serendipity Sees

Is this your given name or a pen name? It’s the new “coolest name I’ve ever seen.” Serendipity is one of my favorite words. Once I made a superhero character named Serendipity. Her superpower was having amazing coincidences happen. It was also her biggest weakness.  Oh yeah … sorry to go on. Tell us about your amazing name.
 On your profile pic, it says “Participating Writer October 30” What was it? How did you participate?
Tell us about your stories and poems!

Blog – Sine Peril

First off, how do you pronounce your name? Is it like “sign” or is it “Shinay?” 
This is also a very cool name. Pen or given? 
What do you have to do to get the rights back on your own work? 
Who made your cover art?
What is Dru short for? I knew a Drucilla. She should have been a Dru, but she wasn’t. 

Goodreads – Sydney Scrogham

Can you remember and describe the first story you wrote at 12?
Tell us about your book, Chase.
Tell me about the show, Castle. I say me instead of us, because I don’t watch television. Everyone else might know what this show is and I’m the only one confused. Wait. Is it the one with Nathan whats-his-name from FireFly and Doctor Horrible? If so, I should watch it too.
 What breed is your horse? How did you think of the name?
We both live in Indy! I have so many questions. What side of town are you on? Are you in a Writer’s group? I left mine because nobody was writing anymore. Would your group take me in? Let’s do lunch. Hmmm. Maybe you should answer this via PM.

Pinterest – Taylor Epperson  

Where did you serve your mission? My neighbor’s son just did his in Hawaii (Lucky!!)
What are your favorite or funniest memories from your mission?
Are you naturally organized and crafty? Or do you wish you were?

 Instagram – Tessy Dockery

Yet another cool name. What is Tessa short for? Or is it a name of its own?
Do you think people who have cool writerly names see drawn to writing because their name is a perfect author’s name?
First of all, hey! You sent me a link to your experimental poetry. It didn’t work. Could you send it again? Or post it here. Either way.
Do you wear purple masks all the time? 
Sorry I don’t have more. Instagram is a hard one for me. I’m all, “So… you like to take pictures of people and things.. yeah… “

 Her comes our second time around the list! 

Here’s a brief message. My site pickings are completely arbitrary, it seems. I’m picking people I saw just a few days ago and passed over. I’m looking at their exact same profile, and now I want to ask all these questions. The more I read everyone’s stuff, the more I like it.

 Tumblr – Arwen Lynch Poe

There are SO many people with writerly names. I think I’ll stop asking about them and just say, great name!
Can you define what a professional joy seeker is?
Tell us all about your tarot decks. How many do you have? How do you find them? Any interesting tarot stories?

 Wattpad – Chris Harvey 

Why are you TheDuckA? What’s the story behind the username?
What’s the worst poem in Bad Poetry? Also, how bad is the poetry? I don’t want to read it and be disappointed if it’s not bad enough.
 Can you tell us some of your favorite stories from the Super Lizard series?

 Scribophile- Fanni Suto

What languages to you translate?
Where are your favorite places to travel?
Your critique karma is awesome! What is your critique style? How do you choose what to critique?
How did you come to the website name, “Ink Maps and Macarons?”

Google+ – Lydi Wilks 

You’ve been making yearly writing plans since 2015. How did you come up with that idea?
Are you satisfied with your progress each year?
Is there anything you’ve done during a year that you didn’t plan because you thought it wouldn’t be possible?
What are you looking forward to most this year?

That’s it, folks! See you next round!



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