My LGTBQ+ punk fantasy is up on Scribophile. Critique me!

I just posted the first chapter of “Pigeon House Red” on Scribophile. It’s a first revision. It’s on the New Member Spotlight, so I think you get extra karma for that. Please sign up and take a look. I’ll read yours if you read mine.


About this novel

Reddy’s a bit of a celebrity on the central east-west brawling circuit. He’s not a fighter, though. He’s a drummer up for the Smokestack. That’s a mage brawling house, where quick casters come to show off their wicked kicks and fancy blasts in the arena to win glory, fame, cheering fans. A bit if cash will do well too.

What’s a drummer up? Well, what good is having a fight if no one knows you’re in it? Reddy makes sure everyone knows everything that will be happening at the Smokestack. He travels up and down the small track rails, singing, dancing, flirting anything to get butts in the seats of the Smokestack. He gets a cut from the profits, and he doesn’t look poor.

He’s so good. People say he’s the next Granny Wham. You’ve heard of her, right? Yeah. Who hasn’t? Biggest name performing on the circuit today. Everyone loves her.

Brawling houses up and down the circuits beg him to leave the Smokestack. They offer him sweet deals. He always turns them down.

But one day, he up and decides to take a job. the piddliest crap job at the oldest, brokest, filthiest and most pathetic brawling house on the Eastern Coast. The Pigeon House. They don’t even want him there. They don’t want to pay for a fancy drummer up. They don’t want his fancy rich ass working there. He says he’ll work for free, until they want to pay him.

Why? For love, I think. He meets a local boy — not a mage. No. he’s a good one. A nice Morabi boy. I don’t think this could possibly work out. Those two shouldn’t have any business with each other.

But it’s a good thing they’re trying. Otherwise, there’d be no story to tell.


It’s YA, but I labeled it as adult. There’s crude humor and foul language. It’s not explicit at all, but there will be sex and a bit of violence. The main character is openly gay. Some people get the vapors over that, so there’s that. 

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