NanoHop Shoutouts: D – R

Here is round two of the Shoutouts. I decided that if you reply back with answers to my questions, I won’t skip over your name when I do my next go around the list. You showed interest and took time out to respond. This is a small way to reward your efforts!

Personal confession: Someone thanked me for doing all this hard work. This is NOT hard work! I now have a valid excuse to read everyone’s links. I just glance and ask whatever questions I want off the top of my head. Then you guys answer my questions and I can just sit back and reblog it instead of writing my own stuff. It’s a sweet setup. It’s win-win for everyone!

If you want to know why there are such huge gaps in the names, it’s due to the way I go down the columns and pick an author. I go down my list until I find a site. Then I switch to the next column and keep going down the list. Tumblr, Hoogle+ and Scribophile are desolate columns. I skip over a ton of names that don’t have whatever link I’m looking for in that column at the time. I hope that makes sense. It is very simple in my head, but when I read my explanation, it sounds confusing.


Anyway, on with the show!

Twitter –  keobooks   

D M Paul

Do you have a gnome collection? Tell us about the gnomes you love?
I looked at your Amazon author page. Tell us all of the degrees you have. 
What were your favorite classes?

Facebook Page – Kyle Overstreet Schenetzke   

 Donna Galanti

Tell us about your book series!
Who is your publisher?
Who made your cover?
How often do you do author visits?
Do you have special activities for your author visits?

Blog – Kyle Overstreet 

 E G Moore

Who are your favorite authors on Kindle Unlimited?

Could you tell us about SCBWI?

What is YAtopia and how did you get involved?

What are some of your personal best picture book ideas?

GoodReads – Kewpie Doll 

Elia Winters

Who drew your Goodreads profile picture?
Tell us about your extracurricular activities!
Teachers today are under so much scrutiny. So many get in trouble for their personal life on social media. Do you worry about your colleagues or students finding out you write erotica?
Which romance series did you sneak read as a kid? My favorite series was Silhouette Desire!
Please tell us about your odd assortment of pets!

Pinterest – KEOBooks 

Elizabeth Chatsworth

Tell us about your acting career!
I want to know all about Boo the Yorkie!
You have so many steampunk links? Do you cosplay? RPG? Write? Just a fan?

Intsagram – N Could someone following me tell my my instagram address? I am a doofus. Thank you.


Tell us about Orpheum. Do you have any links to tracks or performances?
How often and where do you perform?

Are you classically trained or self taught?
Contralto? Alto? Mezzo? Soprano?

Tumblr – keobooks  

 K. Kazul Wolf

Why do people call you bacon?
Aside from bacon, what is your culinary specialty?
What games do you play?
What is your favorite kind of cake?


Kathryn Theis

What sort of editing do you do? Are you a paid professional? Whose work have you edited?
What sort of music do you sing?
What Wattpad covers are you most proud of?

Scribophile  keobooks 

Norvil Ord

Do you work in a public, academic, or special library?
What have been some of your strangest  or favorite reference questions?
Do you still read nonfiction exclusively?
What is your critique style?


Raimey Gallant

I promised myself that I’d post whatever came up if I got your name on this round. Ack! I got your Google+! You only have one post there. The one post is one of my favorites, so I’ll ask you about that article. If you like, I’ll cheat and link you up to some other site. If not, behold the single Google+ article of Raimey Gallant!
How do you know those five authors?
What is your daily writing habit?
Are you satisfied with it? Would you change anything about it? 

There you have it. Until next time, tootles! 


  1. Thanks for the shout out!!
    Tell us about your book series! The first 2 books in my middle grade series, Joshua and the Lightning Road and Joshua and the Arrow Realm, are fantasy adventure and filled with magic, mythology, and mayhem! Joshua Cooper discovers lightning doesn’t strike by chance when a bolt strikes his house, grabs his best friend, and whisks him away – possibly forever. To get him back Joshua must travel the lightning road to a dark world that steals children for energy and along the way Joshua meets beast, bandits, and makes new friends. He discovers the mission to find his friend becomes the battle of his life – and also learns that he is connected to this world in ways he never imagined.

    Who is your publisher? Month9Books

    Who made your cover? 2 different artists for the series that my publisher selected.

    How often do you do author visits? All the time! LOVE meeting with students and presenting!

    Do you have special activities for your author visits? I do! I do a power point presentation that’s funny and informative and share my author’s life but also the keys to being a successful writer and I do an interactive skit at the end. Find out more:

    Thanks so much!

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  2. I’ve been shouted out! I met 3 of tge authors via tge Pitch Wars contest, one at Writers’ Digest Conference and one via Nanowrimo. I’m still figuring out what my daily writing habits are. I asked the authors to contribute about their daily writing goals because I wanted to know, so I figured other new authors would as well.


  3. Thank you so much! I emailed you already, but just wanted to say thanks! Also, you just managed to make my day twice in a row because you were my 100th follower, and I really appreciate that! ❤ Sending love!


  4. Thanks for the shoutout! Who are your favorite authors on Kindle Unlimited? Jenna Nelson.. specifically SNOWGLOBE

    Could you tell us about SCBWI? It is an awesome way to get to know the industry of kidlit, get some feedback. Also, their conferences are A-MAZ-ING! Made some of my best writerly friends there. If you haven’t checked out Shari Schwarz’s MG novel Treasure at Lure Lake, do it. Right now.

    What is YAtopia and how did you get involved? YAtopia is a blog dedicated to all things young adult. I started out as a once a month contributor, and eventually applied to become a blog assistant. It has dwindled in 2016, but the owner and contributors are revamping for 2017 as I type. Be sure to subscribe!

    What are some of your personal best picture book ideas? Siblings playing games in a storm, an imaginary game that involves swings in order to cheer up Mama.

    Thanks again! I’m up for guest blogging anytime!

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