Nanohop Shoutout. The letter A – D edition

This is my very first NanoHop Shoutout! I’m excited. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I can pull this off!  Here’s my plan. And here we go! 

I wanted to mention that I have a method to this. I go down the list in one column and pic a site. Then I go to the next column and pick the next interesting site and so on. If I “skipped” you, it may just be that your name and my column hopping didn’t match up. You may show up the next go ’round. 

Twitter –  keobooks   N. 

A. B. Funkhauser

How did you end up in the mortuary business? What exactly do you do as a mortician?
Could you give your definition of “gonzo” writing? That’s a very 1920s word!
Are you as cheerful as you look?
How did you end up nominated for all those awards?
How do you mix horror and humor? That seems hard to pull off. 
You look like you’re at a convention. Which one was it? Do you attend conventions often? 

Facebook Page – Kyle Overstreet Schenetzke   N

Alejandra Meza Fourzán

What are  guerrilla memoirs? I’m picturing you attacking random people on the street and writing about it.
Did you take that cover art pic? Where is this place and when did you go?

Blog – Kyle Overstreet Not participating for now. Too many fiddly bits


Is Aerin Tallulah your real name? It’s one of the coolest names ever. Tallulah is one of my favorite old fashioned names.
You seem to be a big fan of Wattpad. What’s your best story there? 
What’s the best story on Wattpad that you didn’t write?
Your fashion and art is awesome! Where do you get your artistic inspiration?

GoodReads – Kewpie Doll Mid Letter J 

Allison K Williams

How did you end up in Dubai? Is Dubai cool or what? I’ve always wanted to go.
Please tell us about the stories on NPR! 
What topics do you write about for the Christian Science Monitor and the Times? Kudos for writining for two stellar papers.
What was your NaNoWriMo project? You seem so nonfiction. That makes me curious.

Pinterest – KEOBooks N

Amy Mackenzie 

You have some really cool inspiration boards for your writing. Could you tell us about what they are about and what stage of making they are in?
This EoH project looks very interesting. It also looks really dark. Is most of your work this dark?
Not really a question, but I had to mention. You and I have a bunch of pins in common. Yours are in your Tower board and mine are in a secret board. I think the board is called Yfana.   

Intsagram – N Could someone following me tell my my instagram address? I am a doofus. Thank you.

Amy Sutherland

Wow. Best Christmas Tattoo ever!! That made me laugh. How did this picture come to be?
Your NaNo graph gives you away. You are a procrastinator! You were way behind, but then in the last few days, you rocked it! And you even did over 8k words in! Do you always procrastinate so spectacularly?
What’s your story about?
I smell? Why u hurt my feelings?

Tumblr – keobooks  N 

Ann Elise Monte

This is way cool. I’m doing this in sort of a round robin style, so it’s kind of random. When I got to Tumblr, I was all, “I hope I get Ann Elise Monte on this run!” I have questions questions questions for you. If they are too personal, just ignore the questions. Other shoutout people, don’t get jealous. I just feel all simpatico right now.
You write Fantasy and LGTBQ+ stuff? OMG, me too! Tell me about some of your stories. 
In your world, is queer a non-issue? Or is there stigma? How do you present your characters and their relationships? 
Are you yourself demisexual? Or did you just share the cool list? I’m gray ace, myself and don’t meet many of us in the wild.
That falling down the stairs post was so awesome. How did you find it?

Wattpad – N

Carolyn McBride

Can you go into more depth about your Christmoose story?
How did you come up with that great title?
Is there any way at all we can see your Frizzle series? Please?
Tell us all about Frizzle!


Scribophile  keobooks – N

Courtney Diles Henderson

Nice glasses! Did just try those on or are they yours? I’m assuming that you don’t wear the Bebe logo on your glasses, but I could be wrong. You whippersnappers…
You live in Bloomington Indiana! We are same State Buddies! Have you ever been to the Runcible Spoon? If not, you should go.
Are you a student? If so, what’s your major?


Google+ Not participating 

D. M. Newlun

What is the Liebster award and how did you get it?
Could you tell us about your flash fiction you posted? 
Can you show us the picture you used as a prompt for Pyre?

There you have it. Let me know what you think! 





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