Get back in the habit!

It’s amazing. I had a great habit going, and already, it’s getting numb after a little more than a week of just reading. So I’m going back to writing. I decided to write a second story connected to my Pigeon House story. It’s the same time period told from the perspective of one of the minor characters.  He had tons of stuff going on in the “backstage” part of the story. He is also a favorite character I had to remove as a supporting role and he’s an important but minor character of the Pigeon House. 

He’s Jax, the priest. And his story is about coming home after graduating from the Sapphire Citadel in Morabia and getting his first assignment, which is in his hometown. He’s having a hard time adjusting to his new role in the community. His friends and family are treating him like a priest, and it’s uncomfortable. 

Jax is asexual and aromantic. He’s very comfortable about it, and it’s a big factor in his personality, but it’s not an issue in the story. He will have very strong platonic and familial relationship arcs. He is full of love and passion, but none of it is romantic. 

He also ends up getting involved in an illegal organization that’s been accused and may be guilty of terrorism and kidnapping. He is opposed to violence and doesn’t approve of their methods, but he is committed to having the mage academies shut down. In the Pigeon House, Reddy and Jax discover the extent that mages are abused and exploited instead of being educated. That’s the “meaty” part of the plot.

Reddy, the main character from my November story, is a minor character, but very important to Jax. Reddy is the first friend he makes who never knew him before he was a priest. Reddy doesn’t practice Jax’s religion and doesn’t treat Jax like a priest. In the first story, Reddy likes Jax, but he has little idea how important his friendship is to Jax. 

Barrie, Reddy’s boyfriend, is in the story as well. Barrie is a very devout follower of the Everliving. Jax is a priest, but he’s a secular scholar, and doesn’t believe in the literal Everliving soul. Barrie is overwhelmed with awe and reverence to Jax, which makes Jax very uncomfortable. They have sort of a platonic love story arc. They both learn to accept each other’s very opposite views on the religion they both grew up with. 

Flora, Poppy, and Jax’s brawling family will be in the story as well. I’m looking forward to writing this. In the first story, Reddy was unofficially forbidden to enter the Morabi district of the city, yet his boyfriend and most of his friends are Morabi. This will be my opportunity to write about daily life as aMorabi. 

The city hosts the largest library in the world, but Reddy is illiterate, so he never enters or even thinks about it. Jax is a scholar, so will spend a lot of time there. The library has a pretty detailed and mysterious back story and I can hint at it here. 


I’m looking forward to this project, and I’m so glad to have a chance to flesh out a character that I loved but didn’t fit into the first story. 

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