True Letters of a Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan

I loved today’s read even more than yesterday’s. I was very jealous of the amazing dialogue. I’d kill to write dialogue like that. It was a very natural back and forth. The characters were mostly well developed and I loved this main character. I’ll go back and read it again soon. 


Here is the synopsis from Harper Collins.

If you asked anyone in his small Vermont town, they’d tell you the facts: James Liddell, star athlete, decent student, and sort-of boyfriend to cute, peppy Theresa, is a happy, funny, carefree guy.

But whenever James sits down at his desk to write, he tells a different story. As he fills his drawers with letters to the people in his world—letters he never intends to send—he spills the truth: he’s trying hard, but he just isn’t into Theresa. It’s his friend, a boy, who lingers in his thoughts.

James’s secret letters are his safe space—but his truth can’t stay hidden for long. Will he come clean to his parents, his teammates, and himself, or is he destined to live a life of fiction?

This heartfelt debut novel explores the muddy landscape of truth and lies and lays bare the sometimes painful but often hopeful work of writing one’s own authentic story.

Here is the Amazon link. Eight bucks well spent,IMO.

Here’s a fun bio of Kennth Logan.

Here’s my Goodreads review.

This had the best dialogue and narrative voice I have read in a long time. It was so natural. I felt connected to the. Characters, overall. I like how the story played out. I thought it was going to be a painful cliche, but the characters pulled it off.

I liked the chemistry between the friends. I never thought I’d like a story with a boozy jock as the MC. But it was very well done. I would definitely read this one again.

I didn’t give much of a review today. I’m a bit rusty. I feel silly writing a synopsis mys of when one is right there on the review page for everyone to read. I’ll get back into it. I should probably go back to reading my old reviews.

One thing I was VERY relieved about in this book was that the main character was a sexual creature. It was a classic YA “fade to black” sex scene, but it was there. I read so many gay YA books where the characters have crushes and strong feelings, but they are chaste. I was worried that my story might be too edgy for YA until I read this. I’m also misty and vague on the specifics, but my characters definitely have a sex life. I am so glad that queer characters get to have the same fuzzy fade to black scenes the straight characters get! Hooray!


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