Progress Report: Day 28. Most unfortunate typo

Things are wrapping up! I’ve been inserting the scenes I skipped earlier, and that feels like drudgery. I thought I’d get in the mood to write them later. I didn’t. Maybe music would inspire me to write a few.

I also changed the gender of two of the characters. It didn’t change the story at all. I just wanted more female characters and these two were very easy to swap out. I didn’t even need to change their names. 

While I was going back and adding in blank scenes, I noticed a most unfortunate typo that I made several times. I have a character named “Poppy.” More than half of the times I used her name, I made it “Poopy” instead. So I spent much of my writing time snickering like Beavis and Butthead. Uh, oops.

I hope everyone who has yet to finish finds time and inspiration for those last few days. For those who have finished, keep on writing! Woohoo! 

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