Progress Report: Day 25. Stress!

The best part of writing today was that I made it to 60k. This was so hard to get anything done. I was whizzing away until I got to this section of the story. This is where my outline is completely out of date and I’m not sure how to fix it. So I wrote the scene I was sure I wanted in the section, and then I quit. I’ll need to think this one out. 

Also, we had to get the cat to the vet. She has an abscess and I thought we could get it looked at after the holidays. But it looked really nasty this morning. So I had to call around town and find a vet who would take her today. 

My six year old was a wreck and she kept asking if our cat was going to die. For some reason, it took nearly two hours to get things sorted out at the vet. Once we finally got through with it, I said I’d take a short nap because I was tired and stressed out. I woke up four hours later.


I guess I should focus on the positive. I really didn’t want to write at all today. I did it anyway. And I got over 1k words in when I didn’t think I’d get any at all in. I’m getting more disciplined in my habit. This is very good.

I hope you folk are having a better day than I am!

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