Progress Report: Day 23

Today was “emergency draft surgery.” Because of a fairly serious plot hole, I had to remove one character and insert another completely different character with a different storyline. I didn’t delete any scenes, but with Scrivener, I can set up all sorts of folders with labels and icons. In every section, I put the outtakes into a file called “DO NOT USE.” I will keep the word count on those documents until the end of the month. Then I’ll stop counting them, but I won’t delete them. Today, I added several scenes to replace the outdated ones. I didn’t edit the scenes I kept, but after this draft, I’ll have to clean things up and edit out the old character and add in the new one. 

It’s a good thing that Scrivener is so easy to manipulate like that. I just moved the scenes around exactly where I wanted them. I don’t consider it back editing. In the long run it will help a lot. I once refused to go and do surgery like this, and when I got to the end of the draft, I felt overwhelmed doing all the changes at once. This was nice and felt refreshing. The plot hole is sewing itself right up.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. That will be a whole mess of crazy. Let’s see how many words I can work in!,


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