Progress Report: Day 22 Good luck this week!

To anyone behind on their writing, I wish you much luck. The next few days are the rough ones. This is where my ability to jot a few sentences at a time throughout the day pays off. 

Today I wrote my words whenever I had ten minutes to spare. I think I got 30 minutes total. This is why I sprinted so much in the beginning. I figured I’d have no time during the holiday once family started rolling in.

I think I patched up my plot hole for good. I left some fuzzy mystery to it, and maybe it will lead to a second story in the same world. 

I think I’ve got my habit back. Daily writing seems like a long term possibility now. 


  1. I was very much behind till today. I had not written at all for 6 days. Some depression from realizing the work would never be published, some refocusing as I found out I have to write a new “Book 2” of my series, and some Beta Read returns came back that have given me some pause. But now I’m hoping to polish it off. I’m really happy for you, BTW. Just keep writing. Just keep writing, writing, writing… 😉


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