Progress Report: Day 21. Still at it!

Yes, I got my 50k words in yesterday. That means I’m finished, right? No! I’ve got the rest of the draft to finish. I also have to patch up a seriously massive plot hole. Why the heck don’t those guys show up when you START to write? It’s such an obvious one that I’m ashamed.

How bad is it? Well, only the entire premise of the story is not believable as is. Uh oops! So not only do I have to finish the draft, I have to do a bunch of switching around and fix tons of stuff. 

I may have to obliterate yet another character because his mere existence is a WTF that needs to be edited out. I really liked him too. 

I’m still happy with the progress. I’m glad that my character’s and general plot is solid now. I’m just working on the logic and “science” of the fantasy world. It’s a pain, but I won’t stop now. I’ve come too far.

I’m keeping track of my word count for the rest of the month. Why? Why not?

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