Progress Report: Day 19

I have just a little bit over 1k words to go. I thought I’d finish today, but I had much less time than I thought I’d get. Still, nearly 3k isn’t too shabby.

I had a lot of fun writing today’s scenes. Reddy always goes on about his all time favorite dazzler/musician, Granny Wham. She is the only quick casting musician who has successfully made a name for herself beyond the mage world. Reddy idolizes her and says he taught himself the art of dazzling watching her in the light box, listening to her music and going to concerts. His lifelong dream is to have just one jam session with her.

Reddy has a local reputation as one of the best dazzlers on the Eastern Coast. He’s the only known battle mage who is a full time dazzler. So when he planned and advertised his biggest show ever, Granny Wham showed up to watch. She took the stage and I wrote the most fun scene I’ve written since I started this draft. I felt pumped up just writing it. And I was exhausted when I finished. 

I hope someday, someone has as much fun reading it as I had writing it. 


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