Progress Report: Day 17

I need to remember to get my writing done befor I go grocery shopping. Once I get the groceries put away, I’m done for the day. I didn’t even want to write this!

Snark Theater’s question of the day: does your story have issues regarding race or racism? Here’s my tumblr cut and paste answer


@snarktheater Themes of cultural awareness and identity is at the core of my story. My main character is a mage. In this world, they are outcasts and usually live in cloistered neighborhoods. It’s not illegal for them to be in the general public, but it’s strongly discouraged. 

His romantic interest is an “ordinary” he meets, who is an ethnic minority in the same city. He’s a token minority at a prestigious university and isn’t quite the outcast my main character is, but it’s hard for him to balance between his university and his immigrant family. 

The romance in the story focuses on all of the cultural and social gaffes they make because they are both almost entirely unaware of each other’s cultures. Even when they get along, their friends and families have a hard time dealing with an outsider. They love each other, but they fear that love isn’t enough. Maybe they are too different.

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