Progress Report: Day 15

Question of the day:

Snark Theater’s question for today: What’s happing in the story now?
After Reddy wins the fight, his opponent loses control of his magic and instead of the safe illusions that mages use in the brawling ring, the spells are real and dangerous. Reddy has to struggle with a team of other brawlers to catch the mage and put him in a safe place until he regains control.
He finds out that his opponent has a degenerative disease that’s common for battle mages to get. The damage in his brain that allows him to do magic starts to gradually get worse. The mage loses control of their magic, their bodies, their mood and their cognitive abilities. At the end, they end up unable to speak or feed themselves. They have constant seizures. Eventually, they lose control of their magic completely and they burn themselves to death. 
The worse your affliction is, the higher chance you have of getting the disease. Reddy is the most afflicted mage at the brawling house. He’s terrified of the disease and is convinced he’ll get it. People tell him not to worry, but he worries all the time. This is his biggest fear. 
And that wraps up day 15!

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