Progress Report: Day 14

 I didn’t get as much done as I planned. My daughter had a head cold and I stayed home with her. But I still got in a nice chunk. 

Plot Points

Reddy has his big brawl. Peg intended him to lose badly, but he won a “cheap” win. It was good enough. The fight was really involved. I know I’ll likely edit more than half out, but I needed to write it in detail so I could pick out the best parts. 

Question of the day:

Snark Theater  asked if we were getting outside help. I did got an awesome pep talk from Chris Kennedy a few months ago when I was on the verge of giving up. Maxwell Alexander Drake gave a killer seminar at GenCon that helped my narrative style. Beth Pintel helped me by inviting me as a presenter for GenCon Trade Day. Because of that, I got a free pass into the convention for the week. GenCon is not cheap! I spent all of the days at the Writers Symposium. I went to so many great seminars and learned so much. I also had my first formal critique, which was very inspirational for me. Thank you to everyone else I’ve met in the last year. 


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