Progress Report: Day 12

I am blown away. If we go by the target average words per day, I completed nearly four days of work since yesterday. It didn’t even feel like work. I didn’t struggle. It just flowed. I wrote about all sorts of things. 


Today’s plot lines:

Reddy discovers Flora’s family possibly being deeply involved in organized crime and they want to shut down the Pigeon House. Old Peg thinks Reddy might be connected to the scheme. Reddy can’t tell if Peg is onto something or if she’s paranoid. Flora insists that her family is very powerful and influential, but everything they do is legal. She doesn’t think her family is directly involved. But she agrees that something unusual is going on. Reddy isn’t sure if he trusts her. She frequently complains about how Peg manages the Pigeon House. She openly says that she wishes that she could buy it and run it properly herself. She’d benefit greatly if the the Pigeon House was forced to shut down and Peg couldn’t afford to reopen. 

He needs to fight and win a match in order to officially work for the brawling house. Before Peg got suspicious, she set up a very easy fight and his opponent was supposed to take a fall. She changed her mind and now he must fight with a more experienced mage with a very bad temper and a strong personal grudge against Reddy. He was pulled from fighting due to excessive violence and out of control behavior. Reddy fears the worst.

He and Barrie are on the rocks. Reddy’s complete lack of education makes him seem bafoonish and stupid compared to Barrie’s very elite prep school experience and years of study at the University. Barrie is thoughtless at times and shows no respect for the unique and insular social customs of quick casting mages and the brawling house circuit. They fight frequently and they both fear that their backgrounds are too dissimilar and this might end their relationship.  


Question of the day number 12.

Here is Snark Theater’s Question for the day. How do I write? What is my setup?

For years, I struggled and failed to write at a desktop computer. I could write academic papers, but I couldn’t write anything creative that I wrote for pleasure. Once I got used to writing on my iPad, I took off on a very productive track. 

I don’t know why, but I write best when I’m incredibly comfortable and relaxed. I sit in a very comfortable chair or even lay down on a couch or in bed. It sounds counterproductive, but I know it’s time to get down to work on a story. I wonder if it’s because this is how I read. I can’t focus on reading at all unless I’m sprawled out and lounging. For whatever reason this is about the only way I can write drafts.

For editing and proof reading, I use the desktop PC. I am more alert to errors and I can better judge the readability of my work. 

I don’t have a special time to write. Sometimes I will wake up early and write for hours. Sometimes I write before bed. Sometimes I fit in a few minutes at a time spread throughout the day. This is usually when I have a very busy schedule. Thanksgiving will be one of those jot down and scribble days. 

When people say they don’t have time to write, I never understand. For me, theres always time. On my busiest days, I can write while I eat a meal. I can tap out something on the phone if I’m waiting in line. I can write a few minutes before I start driving.

 I’m not trying to make people feel guilty for not making time like this. I just do it and it works for me. My word count stinks on those days, but I write a little bit and every word adds up in the end. Many people tell me this method doesn’t work for them. I am very lucky that my mind works this way.

That’s it for tonight. I hope my posts are getting more enjoyable to read as I learn to blog. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.




      1. Good but has a sad as my latest post chronicles. I should be able to finish in a few days once I start my Thanks giving vacation as when I write, I am blowing through 4 to 12 thousand words a day then. Long and brutal, but I need to get done for my scrivener discount and then return to refocusing on my big structural rewrite of book 2 AND start the 4th draft of the 1st book before shipping it off to an editor and finding the cover artist. So good as well.

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