Progress Report: Day 11

I believe this may be my most productive day ever! I might mpwrite even more this evening, but as I write this, I’m a bit tuckered out. I thought I’d break 25k, but I fell just a little bit short. I’m still pleased with my progress.

Snark Theater has been asking interesting daily questions to people in the challenge. I need to check Tumblr more often. I never saw it until last night.

Today, the question was about whether your WIP had any themes involving sexuality or gender identity. And yes, my piece has a gay main character starting his first serious “adult” relationship. There is stigma against their pairing, but it has more to do with their vastly different social backgrounds.  I wouldn’t say there is no stigma against same sex relationships in this world, but it’s different. My main character’s main fear about it is that he may get pushed into an arranged marriage and his wife won’t allow him a male consort. So far, he’s been lucky because he’s a terrible candidate for marriage because of his status as a mage.

I have a minor character who has gender ambiguity. He was a bigger player in an earlier draft, but now he has a much smaller part. So it might not come up. When he was born, they couldn’t tell what gender he was, so his parents guessed that he was a girl. When he became a teenager, his voice changed and he seemed to be male. But he’s still legally registered as female. He doesn’t care to fix it. He doesn’t care. He’s asexual, aromantic and doesn’t really identify as any gender. The storyline this was all connected to is now gone, so I may not mention it. 

That’s where my writing is today. Tomorrow, I will definitely be at the halfway mark of the challenge. 

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