Progress Report: Day 10

This was such a better day! It was one of my best. Most of today I wrote about my character coming to terms with really being in love for the first time. I fretted and worried about writing this. I didn’t want erotica. It’s not that I’m squeamish, it’s just that I want to write fantasy with characters who are sexual creatures. I don’t want to write sex that just happens to have a fantasy setting.  There’s a difference!

I think I pulled it off. I wanted my main character’s emotion to shine through. I hope it works that way when someone else reads it! 

I’ve changed the love interest of my character so many times in this story. It’s really odd for me to see his former love interests as platonic friends or simply standing off in the wings as extras in the background. I think I put him with the right guy after all this time. He was always in the story, but it took a few drafts for me to realize he was a much better match for Reddy than anyone I invented. Because I’ve had three drafts of them just being friends, it feels “deeper”  than the other romantic pairings I created.

Yes. This is a fourth draft instead of a first, but I orchestrated a major overhaul during the last draft. Almost everything has been original. The few words I’ve kept have been reworded. This feels like a first draft to me. Everything I wrote today was new. 

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