Progress Report: Day Two

This was a rough day for my word count. I was doing other things all day and decided to write in the evening instead of the usual morning. Now I remember why I quit writing in the evening. My daughter kept getting up every five seconds and I had to keep telling her to get back to bed. Then she kept singing and talking to herself. I don’t mind it at all when I’m just reading what I wrote during the day. But… gah! I’m not going to write before bed again for a while!

 I lost my concentration so many times. I just slapped the words down. The sentence structure is awkward. The ideas are disjointed and all over the place. I kept checking the word count every two minutes and cursing about how painfully slow it was going. 

Usually, when I get in this mood, I will hang it up and congratulate myself for getting in a measly pitiful word count. It’s only 400 words, but it’s better than nothing right? The NaNo stat window egged me on. It told me at the rate I was currently writing, I wouldn’t finish until December 5th. I have no idea why, but that lit a fire under me. I refused to finish until I got the count in. No automated stat checker was going to mock me! Ha!

I am afraid to read what I wrote. It’s likely the least inspired bit of dung I’ve ever written. Ever. But it’s done. Hooray. I’ll probably appreciate this much more a few weeks from now. 


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