The notes feature rocks my world.

I don’t edit as I write a draft, but I make heavy use of the notes feature. Just before bed, I’ll read everything I wrote for the day. I’ll notice all sort of things that need to change on the next pass. I just highlight a word from a paragraph that needs changes, and write down exactly what needs to be changed. My first few sheets are riddled with little yellow lines everywhere.

I’m using Scrivener, but Ulysses and Storyist have this feature as well. If I’m not mistaken, I believe almost all word processing apps have a notes feature. For some odd reason, I ignored this feature until recently.

It saves me so much trouble. It satisfies my urge to self edit, because I’ve addressed the problem. I also remember exactly how I wanted to change it. Before I started using notes, I’d promise myself I’d remember what I wanted to change, but I always forgot.  

Yay for notes!

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