Dinosaur Kitty accepts the challenge

I’ve been writing nearly every day these last few months. My daughter has been fascinated since the beginning. She asks me all about how it feels to write every day. She wants to know when I’m going to sell the book and if we will make enough money to go to Disney World whenever we want. She’s not too interested in the story itself, but she likes watching me work and asking all sorts of questions. 

I joined the NaNoWriMo challenge this year. I went to a Write In sponsored by a local library. I met a man whose seven year old is writing this month. She has a 200 daily word count. I thought it sounded great. I wanted to see if my daughter was up for the challenge.

I met her at the bus stop and asked her about it as we walked home. She was thrilled. She asks if we could start as soon as she got home. She sat right down and asked me to set her up. I made a document for her and let her do whatever she wanted. 

She started out writing a Harry Potter story, but she got very frustrated because she couldn’t spell he names. She gave up at “Dumml doors” She was ready to give up. I asked her to try one more time, but to write her own story this time.

It ended up being more of a review of a book her teacher read last week at story time. She drew a picture with a free drawing app I grabbed  I’m not pleased with the app, and I’ll try more. She got excited when she saw it posted on her own blog.

 I showed her how the stats page works. Now she begs to check her stats every five minutes. She quickly figured out how to check the stats on this blog and says she’s already more famous than me. I didn’t get any visitors today, and she was delighted to point that out. 

So she and I are chugging along. I’ll put up my word count before bed. Meanwhile, enjoy Dinosaur Kitty!

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