Pinterest for writing inspiration

I thought I’d share some of the Pinterest boards I’ve been creating over the years that I use for aid and inspiration in my writing. I have plenty of writing boards, with all sorts of writing advice I’ve collected over the years, but I thought I’d share my less conventional writing aids today. These are just a small sample. I’ve been collecting pins for the last six years, so I have far too many boards!

Color – Brown While a thesaurus is handy, a color board is a much more creative alternative. This helps me match a color I want to describe with something that I may not immediately associate with the object I’m trying to describe. It also helps me with creating a unique narrative voice. Different characters will have different experiences and different ways to describe color.  Chestnut is an accurate description of a color, but what if my character has never seen a chestnut tree? They might be more familiar with different colors of horses or kitchen utensils. I try to match descriptors with objects my POV character is naturally familiar with. There are many different color boards on Pinterest. Follow and create your own!

Natural Hair Types I’m not great at physical descriptions. Even when I’m looking right at someone, I am at a loss for words when it comes to shapes, qualities and styles. I collect charts of different features and pin them up. I get most of the pins from boards helping artists and stylists. I think of what my character looks like, and then I look for the feature and see how it’s described.

Unusual Transportation Boards like this are absolutely vital for worldbuilding. Creating these boards dragged me out of the stock medieval fantasy world. My worlds usually have magic. Magic will change the way technologies evolve in the world. I like to find unusual whimsical inventions and make them commonplace in my worlds. I have boards with all sorts of gadgets and inventions.

Brawling and Fighting “Write what you know” is good advice. When I don’t know much about a topic, I try to learn as much as possible about it. My current story is a fantasy about professional fighters who use magic. I knew nothing at all about professional fighting. I wanted to base my fantasy fighting style on something real, so I could learn about it better. So I created this board to collect all of the different styles from around the world. I ended up picking Capoeira for the physical style and Gatka inspired the magical aspects. Anyway, if I want to learn about a subject, I go on a pin collecting frenzy and then read them at my leisure.

Vector Graphics I’m not a visual artist. I’d never try to self publish with my own homemade book cover, but I make my own for things like the NaNoWriMo challenge. I use vector images instead of photographs because they are easier to manipulate and it’s easier for an amateur like me to make something look polished and professional. Vector graphics are usually much less expensive than stock photos. There are tons of free ones available. Many design elements are vector images, and if you have Photoshop, it’s likely that you have a collection of them that cane with the software. Always check the rights, of course.


OK, your turn. If you have some awesome boards that help you write, link up and share. Share what inspires you!




  1. I’ve got a character board, settings borad, editing, publishing, vocabulary, and prompts boards. I also create boards for novels that I work on, but I keep those secret.

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