Productive Day of NaNo preparations

I was not satisfied with my Nano cover. I am not a graphic artist, but I still wanted to make something better for myself. I thought the cover was dated and a bit shabby. YA covers are sleek and stylized these days. I couldn’t get the look I wanted with Adobe Spark Post, so I tried Canva instead. I think this looks much better. I paid a dollar for a one time non commercial use of that nifty image. I think this is my best effort yet.

I also prepared a very detailed outline of this next draft. I also made major changes, even though I said I wouldn’t do that again. After carefully reading the draft I finished a few weeks ago, I felt the story was too busy. Less is always more.

I decided that one of the subplots was a distraction and didn’t fit in with the story, so it’s gone. Poor Reddy no longer has a brother in law. Several of the supporting characters slipped into the scenery and are walk-ons. Now the story focuses only on Reddy’s career and romance. I think the remaining story lines will be stronger.

I also sprinkled in a lot of backstory about how the magic in the world works. There is no infodump. I just added a little bit here and there. Not only does it add to the fantasy feel, it also makes Reddy’s struggles easier to understand. 

I didn’t do a word count, but I worked for an hour on the cover and three hours on the outline. So it was a big day! 

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