NaNoWriMo: My character inspiration

I’m getting all prepped for NaNoWriMo by getting myself all gung ho about my draft. I’ve changed my mind and decided to continue my piece I’ve been working on instead of something new for the challenge. Here is my Nano cover art. Once again, I made it with Adobe Spark Post, Adobe’s CC0 image collection and Adobe Lightroom.

I started prep for the new piece, and it made me pine away for my characters. I’d miss them too much if I left them for a month. I also want to get this puppy DONE sooner than later. I will work on the piece I mentioned last post. But I’ll wait until I get my current one in better shape. I will only count original words. I won’t count paragraphs from previous drafts. I promise! 

Anyway, I thought I’d share the people, places and things that kept popping up in searches as I looked in real life for people, places and things that reminded me of my Pigeon House Characters. Some people feel guilty about looking around on Pinterest, looking for faces that resemble their characters. I revel in it. I’ve been doing it for months. Here are the best ones I have found. 

Russell “Reddy” Ruthledge: Whenever I did an image search, Ed Sheeran kept coming up. I’m an old fart, so I’d never heard of him before this search. His personality and looks are spot on. His musical style doesn’t match my character at all, in my opinion. But I could see Reddy disagreeing with me on this one. Sheeran’s music seems to serious and soulful for Reddy to identity with. But much of his character development deals with his struggle with people not taking him seriously. 

Umbari “Barrie” Pintare: MC Mooks was not only spot on for Reddy’s romantic interest with his looks, he was a great inspiration for me all around. Before I discovered Mooks, I decided that Barrie’s big hobby was busking on the rail cars. To find a guy who is famous for his train car performances and also looks and acts like my character,  it was heavenly.

In my imagination, if someone ever wanted the film rights to my story, I’d say they could have it, but they’d have to offer Barrie’s part to this guy. He might not want it, but he’d get first dibs. If I filmed it, I’d want him on the project even if he wasn’t Barrie. I think he’d be a great creative consultant and talent finder. 

Flora Nerandi: Vijai Nathans has the look and the personality of Reddy’s best friend. If she can master martial arts, she’d be perfect!

 Jaxari “Jax” Shivri:  RobenX  I didn’t think I’d find anyone who looked like Jax, but when I saw RobenX in an image search, I was blown away. He looked exactly like Jax did in my mind. He even had his hair straightened and blown out exactly the way I imagined Jax doing. His voice is about an octave higher, though. RobenX is fairly high energy and talkative. Jax’s persona is very low key and so silent, many people believe he’s mute. But Jax is likely very much like RobenX inside his own head.

Vbanta “Vibrant” Shivri: Young MA Vibrant is Jax’s older sister and the top junior brawler at the pigeon house and is one of the few that travels on the circuit. She comes from a family of brawlers. Mage brawling is fully coed and has been since the beginning. Young MA has the exact attitude I think female mage brawlers would have. They are tough, and have nothing to prove. 

Msha “Masha Smasha” Shivri: Athena : She’s Vibrant and Jax’s mother and the top brawler in the Pigeon House and one of the top celebrities on the circuit. Athena is at least 15 years too young to be Masha, but she does remind me of what she’d be like when she was Vibrant’s age. 

Old Peg” Forge: Fabulous Moolah was the person I originally had in mind when I created Reddy’s boss. She has had a very long career as a brawler before she bought the Pigeon House. Her character makes me sad sometimes. She’s considered one of the greatest brawlers of her generation, but she’s proof that brawlers don’t make good business owners. She has such good intentions, but it’s her fault and refusal to admit it that causes the Pigeon House to fall into serious disrepair and on the verge of shutting down. It’s been hard writing about her. My main character struggles with his fan worship and respect getting in the way of his having to get her to change her ways to save her business.

 There are many more characters, but these are the ones with the most interesting and colorful real life doppelgängers. I’d love to see links to your favorite character inspiration for any of your characters. 



    1. I kind of cheat. All of the characters except the top two are minor characters in this story, but almost all of them have their own story outlines written. IF I decide to go series, instead of making an epic arch, it will be several slices of life from various characters.

      I’ve always been character driven. I can generate tons of characters, but have always struggled with finding stories to put them in. I created an entire neighborhood of kids at the age of nine. I started out with two girls and then I gave them boyfriends. I kept adding more characters until I had at least a dozen. I should go count them sometime.

      I drew pictures of them on a daily basis, doing “cool” things together. When I got to middle school, I wrote stories about them doing cool stuff on a weekly basis.

      I think I might write a post about this. Basically, I have hundreds of characters either written down or just memorized over the years. I will never find stories for all of them. I should probably give away a few dozen each year at NaNo time.

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