My NaNoWriMo 2016 Project

I’ve decided to participate this year. I’ve been meaning to for several years, but I always forget about until sometime after Thanksgiving. This year, I’m on the ball! 

I was simply going to do a draft, but after talking to a regional volunteer, I’m going to start a draft from scratch. The rules of the challenge are very casual and you’re not punished at all for breaking the rules, but it seems many people take the spirit of the rules seriously. This year, I’m planning on taking advantage of the incentives offered to the winners of the challenge. I’m also planning on being social with local writers. So I thought I’d play by the spirit of the rules, the same as most of the other participants I’ve met.

I have also been told that it’s good to set aside a manuscript between drafts. I’m in the middle of a draft I started less than two weeks ago, immediately after finishing the previous one. Back to back edits are just as soul sucking as everyone warned me they would be. It’s for the best that I switch gears in November.

So here it is, my November project. This is a piece I thought about working on back in April, when I finished my first draft of my current manuscript. Instead, I decided to push through and get another draft in. This was originally supposed to be my lighthearted fun protagonist of my Pigeon House story, but I’m not using him. The story will take place a century earlier in the same world.

I am not up for a full blurb right now, but I’ll give you a sentence. Colin is a young soldier, who is killed on the battlefield. He is revived by the enemy and trained to be a necromancer.  Every day, he meditates in a tent. His soul leaves his body and enters the first corpse it finds. He feels no pain, and can relentlessly fight until his skull is crushed. His soul then returns to his body and he lives to fight another day.

The character’s main struggle will be severe battle fatigue and PTSD. Without time to process and recover from his own death, he is forced to fight until he dies on a daily basis. 

This is far more “epic” than my current story, but I’m staying true to me desire to write the struggles of “small” characters in a huge fantasy world. There are no prophesies or chosen ones. These are ordinary people telling their stories about living in an extraordinary world.  


I’d love to hear from other participants this year.




  1. I’m joining in as well. Still fiddling with what I’m planning to write, and it depends on getting my second draft done of my novel. Something I hope gets done today or tomorrow! We’ll have to touch base. 🙂

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  2. So excited to find another participant. I’m participating for the first time this year myself. I really love that you’ll be delving into PTSD with this project. If you need anyone to bounce ideas off of, I was diagnosed with that myself and would be happy to talk you through it or help you with insight there (if needed).

    PS, this sentence, it needs to be on the book jacket. Or at least in your bio. “These are ordinary people telling their stories about living in an extraordinary world. ” I’m absolutely in love with that sentence.

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  3. I’m really liking the idea of writing about “ordinary” people in a fantasy setting. There are so many stories about great heroes etc, but not nearly as many about the little people. On the one hand, the little people may not (on the surface) make for as exciting and action packed stories, but I think they can show us the fantasy settings from a different angle which can be just as interesting in its own way.

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