My Own Personal Challenge! Submission September!

I’ve been prowling around the open submissions for a month or two now, looking at various calls for flash fiction and short stories. Nothing called to me or inspired me enough to put something together. It would be nice to write and submit, but meh… Nothing is reaching out and grabbing me. I’ll stick with my novel.

Then my husband unwittingly gave me a challenge. My daughter is going to kindergarten, and it’s time for me to retire from the full time mom gig. I’m looking for part time work, but nothing is very appealing at the moment. I’ll find something soon. I just won’t love it.

Anyway. As I was moaning and complaining, my husband said that of course, if I could earn a specific dollar amount with my freelance writing, I could quit whatever job I took on this fall. And the dollar amount was very reasonable, IMO. I wouldn’t need to be a world famous best seller. I’d just have to get paid on a somewhat regular basis. 
 Now I look at all of these calls for submission. Suddenly, they are all looking very inspiring. Ohh, I hate writing flash fiction, but this publication wants to pay how much? Ding! Im inspired… Give me the topic… OK, let’s get this done. 

So, here’s my plan. And perhaps it’s insane, but I figure, what the heck? Crazy works for me. I will still put in a daily word count for my novel, but I’ll crank out the freelance stuff in earnest. I’ll only submit the stuff that I can get critiqued and very well polished before the deadline. But I’ll write as if this is not an open submission and these people are counting on me to finish and submit by their deadline. That will put a fire under me.

I’m not sure what specific goal is reasonable to start out with.  So I’m just going to pick a number. How about… three submissions by he end of September?  I’m not going to set an acceptance goal for now. I just want to hit the deadlines and get into a habit of keeping a schedule and submitting on time.  I can’t control the acceptance, but I can control how much I work. Also, I figure that my writing will improve quite a bit, so I’ll get a lot of rejections to start with and then I’ll eventually get into a groove and sell a piece or two.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you all know how it’s going. First up, Cicaida Magazine has open submissions. YA is my target audience and I’m familiar with their publication. So let’s see what I can do with, “The Deep.” and the September 20th deadline.

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