Soundtrack for my manuscript

I just attended a seminar at GenCon called “Part Time Writer, Full Time Life.” The panelists were giving out tips for balancing out your life to incorporate your writing career. One of the topics covered was how to switch gears and get into writing mode after you finish your day job. A few panelists talked about how music can get their brain on track and focused on their manuscript.  

Music has kept me on task more than anything else. When I dig in my heels and refuse to get started, I need to listen to music to break my block and push through for my word count. At first, I just picked a few songs that set the tone for me. But now, I play the same songs in the same order every day. When I hear these songs, I know it’s time to get cracking. I have different songs that cur my mind to get into writing or editing specific scenes. 


Here is part of my my Pigeon House Playlist:


I’m not sure what this says about my state of mind when I write, but this is what gets me going.


  1. what a great idea! I often get a ‘theme song’ for my story that reminds me of my characters, and that gets me in the zone – usually while driving my kids to and fro. I should make myself a spotify list for my current book.

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    1. I think it would be cool for authors to get together and share their theme songs without giving their pitch and see if we could correctly guess what the other person was writing based on their selections.

      Also, I wonder if ones personal taste in music would transfer into the writing. If someone wrote while listening to Leonard Cohen, would I like it more than someone who was listening to Rod Stewart?

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