My Primary Pinterest Board is Unprofessional

It’s Sophie’s Choice all over again!

Well, it’s not that serious, but I need help. I started my first Pinterest account in 2009. I have over 1.2k followers. But I’m not sure if it’s one I’d want people who would potentially read my books or hire me to see it. This is because I never thought of it as a marketing platform. I just made it for fun. I have no idea how many boards I have, but they are on just about every subject you can imagine. I like to browse the web when I’m bored. I’d just pin every single thing I found interesting onto a board. If I didn’t have a board for the subject, I’d make one.  
Some of them I’m proud of. My most popular respectable boards are “Fairies” and “Spooky.” I’ve also got a few weird boards that are quirky but cool.  Whenever I was researching something for a story, I’d make a on of it. I’ve got boards for martial arts, battlegrounds, herbalism, witchcraft. Everything in one huge glorious mess.
 There’s this self made surrealist  card game called  “Five Card Nancy” . The link is for the instructions and rules for the game. I made a board for it. It’s just tons of single panels of the comic strip Nancy. I’m not a fan of the comic. I just love the card game. Well, it has this weird cult following. Just about every Pinner named Nancy follows it. It’s freaky.
But then I have my shameful boards. And they are my most popular ones by far. I used to play Sims 2. I made tons of social boards related to custom content you can download. I’d say more than 70% of my followers do so for those boards. I don’t want professional people seeing those boards, but I don’t want to make them secret. I don’t want to delete them either. They are the biggest follower generator I have.
So I made a “professional” board. This one is nice and organized. It has everything a writer is supposed to have on a board. It’s also nicely organized. But it’s also boring. I feel like pinning to it is a chore. The only thing I really like is that instead of having one giant board called, “Writing,” I broke it down into topics. I was tired of losing important writing advice in the giant writing board. Breaking it down helps me a lot.
I’m getting tired of having two sites. I thinking of shutting down my second one, but I fear my first one is too unprofessional to be useful.  Please tell me what you think. My casual fun board is Keobooks  and my work board is “oversteet”  If you grant me this favor I’ll follow your Pinterest account, like and follow your blog or whatever you like. I’m begging you! 

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