Bust Writer’s Block: Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes

I don’t have Writer’s block right now, but I used to get it all the time. Sometimes writing prompts would help, but sometimes I’d get too picky and not feel inspired by any of them. I needed something that forced me to create a story in my head. Rory’s Story Cubes    nearly always got the job done for me.

The original set is nine six sided dice. Each one has a little picture on it. The basic rule is to roll the dice, put them in any order you like, and make a story with them. That’s fairly simple, but there are all different ways to put your own creative spin on those rules. Here is a big list of rule variations put out by the creators. I have a teacher friend who uses her students to make a wild variety of games with them. She gives a set of dice to each of her students. She doesn’t tell them what they are or how to use them. Their job is to figur out how to play with them. They come up with all sorts of crazy things.

I loved them so much, but I’d lose them all the time. My five year old loves the dice as well, and she used to borrow them and then lose a few dice. I was tired of replacing them. I was so happy when I found out that they had an app! Not only will this version never get lost, but I also carry it with me wherever I go on my tablet. It’s a great game to play when I’m waiting in line and have nothing to do. It’s also fun to play with a few friends.

There are several expansion packs of dices you can get. I have them all as in app purchases, because I won’t lose them and they cost much less than each physical copy. I’m a fantasy writer, so the fairy tale Casey is my favorite. But it’s fun to mix in the dice from outside my genre. I threw in the prehistoric set and had cavemen invade my castle.

Get yourself the app and have at it. It’s a great way to get inspired.


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