IFTTT : App Magic

I created an account for Pinterest and Tumblr within a week of each other. Several years later, I have a very active Pinterest board with over 1,200 followers. I have three followers on Tumblr. I think one if them is another account of mine. I don’t seem to be able to get Tumblr going anywhere. If only I could post the same cool stuff that I find for Pinterest to my Tumblr account. I didn’t see any way to do it. But this morning I  discovered my new favorite site for goodies. IFTTT 

 IFFTTT stands for, “if this, then that.” Simply put, if one event occurs on on app, then a second app will react and perform a task. These little programs are called “recipes.” They are all free, and they are far more flexible and useful than any integration app I’ve paid for at the App Store. 

 Check this out. This recipe takes my Pinterest pins with the hashtags and puts them up on Tumblr. There are  many flavors of sharing between the two sites. If you have a specialized Tumblr, you can choose one specific board to go to tumblr. I’ve only used it for a day, so it’s too early to tell if any people will get excited about my pins, but I’m optimistic. I linked it to my most popular board. Maybe I’ll double my followers. Then I’ll have six! Woo!

Here’s a nice one. This sends WordPress to BlogSpot. I think I made a Blogspot account back in 2008. I made one post. It might me nice to get that started up again.

 Some of these recipes will require you to download some of the site’s apps. They are small and don’t do much on their own. I just put them in a folder and leave them alone. But these apps are very useful.

 I attend conventions throughout the year. People swap business cards back and forth. I’ll come home with a big collection. I have no idea who these people are anymore. I’ve also likely lost many of them when I used them as bookmarks for the event guide. Now I can immediately snap a picture and it goes to Google calendar, where all of my events are already scheduled. I’ll see exactly which event I got each card from. That helps quite a bit.

There are so many obscure apps here. I barely saw a fraction of them in two hours. I discovered many smart household appliances. People have smart dishwashers and refrigerators now. Swanky.

Take a look and drop me a note if you find a really good one worth sharing

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