My WordPress app is possessed

Edit: there was oil on my screen. It was hard to see, so I missed it. A wipe down banished my digital poltergeist to the digital netherworld. I’ll leave this up for giggles.

I’m  having all sorts of annoying and unexplainable glitches tonight. I’ve tried closing and opening the app. This didn’t help one bit. I think a virtual poltergeist is haunting my WordPress app. Here is what’s up.

  • Cursor  is going all over the place. Every time I try to cut and paste an article, write the title or add links, the cursor just decides to go somewhere else. Sometimes I can put in a sentennce or two. Other times, it jerks away every 2 -3 letters.
  • Cursor refuses to go anywhere near the right margin. No matter how I tap there, it behaves as if there’s no way for the cursor to go there. If I want to add a link and it’s in the “dead zone” I am out of luck. Editing is close to impossible.
  • Random tools open up. This may be due to the cursor flying around and landing on a tool. I’ll be editing a post and suddenly I have my images folder open. It will switch to HTML editing. It will open up the link tool.

Help me!

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