I love AppZapp

Quick note: all my reviews are currently for iOS apps. You can check for Android availability, but there’s no guarantee. Also, sometimes apps work differently in Android. I cannot vouch for app quality on Android.

This app is iOS and Mac OS X only. It works on iPhone and iPad.

I decided to write about the apps I find essential as a writer. It was difficult for me to choose which app was the most essential to my craft. Every time I started to write a review for a paid app. I ended up how I got that app for free or on sale. AppZapp always appeared somewhere in the early on in the article. AppZapp is my most important writing tool. I’ve saved literally hundreds of dollars with it.

Here are some of my awesome finds:

  • Ulysses and Storyist were both ten dollars off. FYI: I prefer Ulysses.
  • My daughter’s favorite app publishers, Toca Boca and Sago Mini will set the price to free for a few days. The apps are between 2-5 dollars. If I’m patient, I can get all of their apps free of charge.
  • Puerto Rico and San Juan app games were $.99 for 1 day only and I got both. This app hadn’t had a price drop in over a year. 24 hours later, the app was full price again.
  • Countless other apps I never would have tried except that they went free for a day. Sure, there’s some neat app out there and it’s only $.99. That’s not much. If you don’t like the app, you only wasted a buck. Right? Nope. Over time those dollars add up. I refuse to pay for an app that I’ve not heard tons of rave reviews from people I trust. If an app looks interesting, but I don’t know much about it, I’ll wait for it to go free.

AppZapp – is the best price drop notifier I’ve used. I’ve tried several others, but weren’t nearly as useful as this app. Here are the features I like the best:

Ticker tape style updates for bargains, new apps and updates. AppZapp has continuous live updates so you can see:

  • New apps – not only fun to see, it’s another money saver. New apps frequently start out free or very cheap to generate interest and good reviews.
  • Discounted and Free apps – I skip the discounts. I’ll tell you why later on. I never skip the freebies. You never know what you’ll find there. And since the app is free, there’s no risk you’ll waste money on a bad app.
  • Updates – While the AppStore will tell you the updates on your installed apps, AppZapp will show all of the updates coming out. This is good because I’ve deleted apps after trying them and getting disappointed. The main reason I delete is when an app crashes or doesn’t work properly. If I see there was an update, I may reinstall and see if it works better.

Personal Alerts. THIS is THE reason I love this app. I love price alerts. This is how I save the most money. Other apps offer price alerts, but almost all of them just send you email alerts. AppZapp puts your personal alerts right under their price drop updates. Every time you log in, you can check for the little red alert that lets you know that you’re going to get some good!

  • App Alerts – Sometimes there’s an app I want to have, but I don’t want to pay full price. I can request an alert. Any time the price changes for better or worse, your alerts will report it. Update every single app that you want but for free or a better price. If you don’t need it right away, just sit and wait for a sale. You can also get alerts for updates.  At the bottom of each app page, there is a timeline. You can see how often an app has changed price. If the app is over a year old, you’ll see patterns. Sometimes the price drops every year on the same date. It’s likely that it will drop again in that month. Sometimes the app never changes price. It’s not likely that they will ever lower their price. But you never know. I got a rock bottom discount on an app that didn’t lower its price in over two years.
  • Seller Alerts. After a while of app shopping, you’ll start to take note of your favorite sellers. One of my household favorites is Sago Mini. I end up downloading everything they put out. I love to see the new apps I have to look forward to in the future when they go free. Anytime you get two or more apps from the same seller, it’s a good idea to get updates for all of their apps.

Social aspect. I like the user contributions to the site. Users usually give unbiased opinions. I trust users. Here are the best social features:

  • Collections. You can make themed collections and look at other peoples collections. People can sort out and select apps better than a search engine can. For years I looked for app versions of my favorite boardgames using several different methods. I didn’t find much out there. But many users make boardgame app collections. I have found more boardgames than I ever imagined were out there. Every single app I use for writing came from someone’s collection of apps for writers.
  • Reviews The reviews are not great, but they are an additional source of user reviews. There are many problems I’ve discovered. For instance,the users are international. It seems that the majority of posts are in Russian. The translator is not so great. A translated review might make sense for a sentence or two. Then something goes wrong and the post turns into an avante garde poem. It’s fun for a laugh, but not useful at all.
  • Followers. I don’t understand the point of followers. But maybe you like that.

So there you have it. Get this app and save serious cash!


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am a new blogger, and I plan to improve my editing skills. I apologize for not editing this better. I will mention AppZapp frequently in future articles. I hope they are high enough quality to best promote the site. I’m also considering writing more of my own reviews on AppZapp. I’ll post a link to the review every time I do an app review on my site. Maybe if I do this, more people might decide to review apps and there will be a better pool of reviews to read.

      I may also consider linking my apps through AppZapp instead of the App Store.

      Offline, I have a public speaking engagement at this year’s GenCon trade day. I will mention and suggest your app whenever I discuss using Apps in public and school libraries. I hope to speak at more conventions this year. If I talk about apps, I will mention AppZapp.

      If you have any suggestions for ways to promote AppZapp, let me know. I really love this app.


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