Image Sizes for Social Media and Book Covers

I started blogging, designing my own icons, and making book covers at the same time. It took me a while to figure out why my images were blocky and awkward or badly magnified and distorted. I finally figured out that pixel size matters. Sometimes if you’re lucky, the blog editor will properly resize it. But all too often, you’ll have a huge oversized image dwarfing your text, or a mess of blurry pixels instead of a cool image. So I looked around to find all the sizes to just about everything.

Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet. You need to look at this before you make any custom images for blogs or social media.

Book Covers

  • This page has most of the covers specs.
  • WattPad was not on the first link.
  • Figment  uses 160 X 200. This is pretty small. Most authors make their covers in 4×5 ratio and let the site shrink it down.

WordPress.  Each size is unique depending on which template you use. When you put in an image as a header or logo, the editor will let you know the suggested pixel size. Use it!

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