Stock images you can get for free

Yesterday, I told you all about the fun you can have with public domain images. Stock images are even MORE fun, but they almost always cost money. It may be a good idea to buy an image you really need now and then. If you are a serious blogger or designer, you may even want to subscribe to a stock image site where you pay a monthly fee to get images..

But if you’re just starting out, free is the best way to go, if you can swing it. Here are some sites with all of the good free or nearly free images. Most of these sites offer Creative Commons licensed images. CC These pictures were created and given out freely for us to use in just about any way we like. Check the link for all the details

17 Amazing Sites with Breathtaking Free Stock Photos. I love this article. There’s a treasure trove of free stuff here. You could spend months browsing around on these sites and see only a fraction of what’s there.

14 Amazingly Free Stock Photo Sites. There are a few crossover sites from the first article, but there are enough originals to mention it..

Pexels.  Boasting over 500 new uploads every day, Pexels is a great warehouse of CC0 pictures.

Stack Social
I have a lot of fun here. Several software and design companies will offer deals here to get you curious about their products. They are not all free, but it’s still well worth checking out. Many of the offerings are “pay what you want” priced. You can pay as little as a dollar, and that’s pretty close to free. And these packages they offer are quite the bargain. Last night I got 300 free premium stock images that were worth over 300 dollars. I also got over a thousand dollars worth of design elements for free. Design elements are images you can use in photo editors to make your own custom images.

They also have deals in premium WordPress themes, subscription services, software and e-courses. A few months ago, I bought a set of blogging classes on the pay what you want plan. Just take note: because these are promotional deals, they change on a weekly basis. So visit the site frequently. You never know what you’ll get.

So now wyou have even more options to make your personal style. Go forth and create great things

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